About Gary - Gary Trachier (Boreal Photo Vermont)

Greetings! My name is Gary Trachier, and I am the photographer and proprietor of Boreal Photo Vermont.

My interest in photography started in early childhood, when I was inspired by both my grandfather and grade school science teacher to start taking pictures. I learned to process black-and-white photographs in elementary school and this led to my building a home darkroom under a cellar stairway, where I was able to pursue my interest. I spend a great deal of time outdoors biking, hiking, and skiing, all of which bring me into contact with some of my favorite photographic subjects — nature, scenery and people. I enjoy both macro and long distance nature photography. Classes at Lebanon College have further expanded my photographic skills.

I have been a freelance photojournalist for the Vermont Standard, a weekly Woodstock, Vermont newspaper. In this capacity I photographed events throughout communities in its service area. I find it rewarding to photograph people and their surroundings in a manner which puts the photographs into context with the news. My work has been shown locally with other photographers and in single-artist exhibitions.

Prior to opening Boreal Photo Vermont, I worked at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) in Hanover, New Hampshire for 27 years. As an electronic technician, then as an IT Specialist, I worked independently and was responsible for most technical decisions that determined how best to solve instrumentation and data processing problems for the scientists and engineers. I supported field research projects, which gave me valuable experience working in difficult environmental conditions.

I currently spend time doing computer consulting and photographing a variety of subjects throughout New England as well as in and around my hometown of Hartland, Vermont. I continue to learn and practice with new equipment and software to stay current on the best photographic tools in the industry.

I enjoy talking with clients about their projects and problems, and coming up with solutions to achieve their goal. Get in touch with me, so that we may talk about your photographic project.

— Gary

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